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Help Clare win to be on the cover of 'Ms Health and Fitness' magazine

Clare is in with a chance to feature on the front cover of Ms. Health and Fitness - she's already outpassed all the previous rounds and is sitting in 3rd place and in the top 10 thanks to all you guys voting. She still needs your help in getting there and here's why....

''As somebody who suffered chronic anxiety most of my life, I chose fitness as my main coping strategy. I’m not condemning medicine as a form of help because it’s definitely needed in some cases to get the patient to a good place in order to start self healing. I truly empathize with what the world is going through every day right now and cases are on the rise so please continue to talk to each other (or me) and I’m not saying I’m finally healed but fitness changed my entire world'' says Clare.

''This would be the perfect platform if I won to raise awareness on mental health and the benefits of fitness. There’s a prize fund and I will use it to record more music to heal people and get setting up my own Institute''

A double bonus is that proceeds will also be going to help support Homes for Wounded Warriors in their mission to build and remodel handicap accessible homes for disabled veterans.

You can vote every day by clicking on the link below :

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