In 2013, Clare received a phone-call that changed her life overnight. She was head-hunted on YouTube by Swedish all female rock quintet ‘Thundermother’ after putting material up on youtube from her then band ‘Smokin Aces’.
The first opportunity presented to her was to open up for rock/metal legends Mötorhead, who became big fans of the girls. The five hard-core rock chicks had major success in the rock charts and landed a signing with ‘Warner Music’ Sweden for their first album ‘Rock n Roll Disaster.’ A signing with ‘Despotz Records’ (Sweden) then followed the release of their second album ‘Road Fever’ gaining support from artists such as ‘Mötorhead, Airbourne, D.A.D, Zakk Wylde, Halestorm, Michael Monroe, In Flames, Opeth, Danko Jones and many more. 

Clare left the band in 2017 and is
now based in Nashvil
le TN where
her solo career is making waves across
the states and Europe still.