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Hi everyone! I’m so so so thrilled to announce my latest single ‘'Éireann i mo chroí'’ (Ireland in my heart) is OUT NOW!!! So thrilled with how it has turned out. This song is definitely one of my most personal songs and to everyone who has always believed in me and supported me on my journey to get to where I am today, I’m forever thankful.

I come from a tiny village called Collon, in the smallest county of Ireland (Co. Louth) I’ve wanted to write this song for a very long time and never quite found the words to do so. About three months ago I sat down with a pen and paper (the old fashioned way) and it just flowed and every time I sing it I feel a little piece of home is with me. I’ve not lived in Ireland since I was around 19 years old and there are times I do miss it. I’m so proud to be Irish and really hope this song brings a piece of home to their heart, especially to those who no longer live at home and miss it too, like all my siblings and some dear friends.

This single was also recorded in world famous RCA studio’s here on Music Row in Nashville.Recorded and mixed by the great Eddie Gore.I am so blessed to be living out my dream and hope you all love this song as much as i do!

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