Dubbed as having a vocal register similar to Adele (GAFFA) and for having a ‘Powerful and killer voice’ from Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) and Phil Campbell (Motörhead) it’s no wonder Clare Cunningham is making waves across the world with her music. Steve Cropper (Blues Brothers) who features on Clare's latest single 'Heart of Mine' has said ' Clare has such a tremendous voice. She makes me want to play because she sings with passion and feeling.' 

Cunningham, who was raised in Collon, Co. Louth, the smallest village in Ireland, had a flare for music and singing from a very young age. At just 5 she exclaimed ‘I want to be a rock star when I grow up’ and she did just that! By the time Cunningham turned 6 she started learning classical piano playing Mozart by the age of 8 and continued to do so for the following 10 years until she picked
up the guitar and self taught at the age of 16. This was the start of her budding song-writing career, she was highly praised by Irelands own singer songwriter ‘Juliet Turner’ and spent the week at a song-writing camp hosted by Turner herself. She saw the natural talent Cunningham possessed for writing and told her this was most definitely the path she needed to embark on.

Cunningham took Turner’s advice and moved to Dublin after high school where she secured a national diploma in Popular Music performance and technology.

With this at hand she then headed overseas and studied at the ‘London College of music’ (Vocal Tech) where Cunningham had her first TV appearance on ‘Sky TV’ singing one of her own penned songs.


Graduating with a BA Hon’s Degree in Music Performance and Technology, Cunningham moved to Cardiff, Wales UK where she started up her own business and become a professional singer. She created a 70’s classic rock line up called ‘Smokin Aces’, who were both a covers and originals band and were very popular all across the country.

It was thanks to ‘Smokin Aces’ and Cunningham’s decision to put up some material onto YouTube which landed her the position of lead singer for the very successful Swedish all female rock quintet ‘Thundermother’. The five hard-core rock chicks had major success in the rock charts and landed a signing with ‘Warner Music’ Sweden for their first album ‘Rock n Roll Disaster.’ A signing with ‘Despotz Records’ (Sweden) then followed the release of their second album ‘Road Fever’ gaining support from artists such as ‘Mötorhead, Airbourne, D.A.D, Zakk Wylde, Halestorm, Michael Monroe, In Flames, Opeth, Danko Jones and many more, touring all over Europe and playing some of the biggest European festivals including ‘Sweden Rock Festival’, ‘Bravalla’, ‘Alcatraz’, ‘Getaway Rock Festival’ and many more. Cunningham decided to leave Thundermother in January 2017 and is now putting all her focus on her solo career.

Cunningham released her self -titled debut solo EP in November 2016, with ‘Low Medium High Records’ selling copies all over the world and is just a taste of what Cunningham can do. She isn’t afraid to tell the truth, get raw and use the spirits of country, folk and rock when it serves her greater purpose.

Clare now resides in the USA (Nashville predominantly) where she is taking it by storm having already played at 'The Nantucket Project' (2018) and at world renowned 'Sundance film Festival' (2019) 

She had a song placement in a Lionsgate movie (Bernie the Dolphin 2) in December 2019. January 2020, she signed with Symphonic Distribution, distributing all her material through them. 


Clare’s latest project has been recorded at iconic RCA studios, on music Row in Nashville. The band on the recording consist of Audley Freed on Guitar (Sheryl Crowe, Dixie Chicks, Black Crowe’s, Joe Perry) Steve Mackey on bass (Garth Brooke’s, Dolly Parton) and Jared Kneele on drums (Lauren Daigle, Kacey Musgraves) The first single off the project 'Heart Of Mine’ was released July 3rd, 2020, featuring special guest 'Steve Cropper'. 

To date, Clare has won ‘Best Alternative Song’ with her single ‘Carry Me’ at the world Songwriting Awards this spring 2020. She also took home 'Best Pop Song' with her single 'Heart Of Mine'. 

She secured silver as ‘Songwriter of the year’ at the International Singer Songwriter Awards (ISSA) 2020 and took home ‘Folk Americana artist of the Year’ and ‘Folk Americana song of the year for  ‘Angel of the emerald Isle’. 


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