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It’s out now!! ‘Comfort Zone’ - the last single to be released from my EP 'Mercy'.

Comfort zone - we all have one! 🙂

And it can be a scary place to step out of but true growth happens when you do!

It enhances our personal growth, increases our adaptability and can even lower depression.

I, like most people, love to feel I'm in ‘control’. However, I’ve noticed that anytime I have ever felt too secure or ‘safe’ somewhere, that's when change comes along to disturb that comfortable feeling I've fallen back on.

Sometimes it’s a small change or sometimes it’s uprooting all I own and moving house (or country) and starting afresh again. Leaving behind everything and everybody I know to become the ‘new’ person somewhere again!

Each time I’ve encounterd change I’ve adapted to the emotional state that comes with it and every time is equally as stressful as the last but somehow the familiarity of knowing that it’s all going to be ok and for a greater purpose helps me keep pushing on! 💯 Sometimes all we have is that inner strength to just keep moving forward. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is a reward that we sometimes only see after the event, not while going through it.

I’ve personally not settled anywhere long enough since I left home at 18 years old and as crazy and as stressful as it’s been I’ve really enjoyed how it’s strengthened me as a person and how life can instantaneously change over night.

I’m what some might call type A with a lot of OCD tendencies and very much a forward planner so you can imagine when life throws a curveball how it disturbs my peace and routine. Only difference is now I know I’ve got my good lord savior guiding my steps and when I step out of the safety blanket I like to fall back on, I know that the uncomfortable feeling won’t last too long and I’m headed for better things that I may not be able to see🙏🏼

I believe life can easily be equated to a game of chess - and we are all ‘just a pawn in the game of life’ (opening line from the song) so allow yourself the permission to try something new or something that scares you - it’s not meant to feel comfortable but you’ll be so happy you did! And you’ll grow from it inevitably!

God bless 🥰



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