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Clare cunningham - 2021 Josie Music awards 3 time WINNER- Acceptance speech!

Clare was nominated for 8 awards at this years 2021 Josie Music Awards which saw just under $40,000 entries, where she ended up taking home three awards which included :

🏆 Vocalist of the year (multi-genre)

🏆 Pop/Contemporary Song of the year - ‘Heart of Mine’

🏆 Songwriter achievement for an unreleased song - ‘I swear’

Here is Clare's acceptance speech where she opened up about her coming back to faith from a little over a year ago.

The Josie Music Awards is the largest, all-genre, privately-owned award show globally. This team set out and successfully created an award show where winners are selected on their talent, skill, material, professionalism, and more and NOT by button pressing voting.


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Eric Judovsky
Eric Judovsky
31 dec. 2021

Sooooo proud of you Sis🙏❤️🤠👍🤟🏼🇮🇪🇺🇸🎵🎵🎼

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