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Clare receives a double page spread over her 'Josie music award wins at the 'Grand Ole Opry'

Clare is back in the newspapers in Ireland with a two page spread over her recent double win at the 'Josie Music Awards' held at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN on October 23rd 2022.

Hubert Murphy of the Independent newspaper wrote a fantastic piece on Clare. 'The Josie Music Awards' are the largest independent music award show globally, and this year with over 52,000 submissions only 1.8% got nominated. Clare received 5 nominations and took home two of those. ‘Artist of the Year’ (multi-genre) and ‘Songwriter Achievement’ for ‘This is Me’ (Her next single coming November 4th - link below)

Pre-save 'This is me' - click on image



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