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Radio Sobro debuts tracks from ‘’MERCY’’ - Clare’s latest EP

Nashville's favorite radio station debuted two tracks ('This is Me' and 'Comfort Zone') from Clare's brand new EP which released September 9th. Here is a small clip of each!

This EP was released for mental health awareness, a big passion of Clare's.

To get ''MERCY'' click on the links below:

Streaming :

Digital copy:

A message from Clare :

I want to say a BIG thank you to my fans & friends for your support & kindness. This album’s mission is to use the gift of my voice to spread an awareness on MENTAL HEALTH. It’s a hurting world & life is hard but you are NOT ALONE. I pray to be a vessel of inspiration, hope, love, truth & faith to you all through my own life’s adversities. This has been a work of love & I hope you feel that 😘

It’s also national suicide awareness week so please seek help if you are suffering. Crises helpline : 988. I’ve included helplines on my website too ♥️

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