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This album is Clare’s first Christian album and is written for those who need comfort, hope, and light through any dark periods in life. Clare spent most of her life as an atheist after leaving her faith at a young age. Having seen too much hypocrisy in the church and not feeling very connected with the Lord, Clare gave up on God. But he never gave up on her and she restored a beautiful relationship with him at the end if 2020.


During her departure from faith, Clare was led down some very ungodly pathways and as a result brought her to some very dark places so she knows all too well what its like to be under the hand of darkness.


Clare's music comes from a lot of pain, with the main focus of wanting to inspire others that they too can find their voice and speak up and realize they are not alone. As a mental health advocate Clare is a vessel and uses her platform and gift of music to help those around her and none if it would be possible without her Lord Saviour.


Exodus 15:2


''HELPING HAND'' Album (Physical CD)

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