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''DEAR IRELAND'' - Physical CD's now available!!!

“DEAR IRELAND” - Clare's brand new Celtic EP is releasing August 13th exclusively to iTunes/Apple and then on all streaming sites August 27th. Links to follow.

The physical CD is currently available for $9.99 at all shows/festivals/events. Please go to the web store to purchase online :

Thank you’s :

- Pat Coyne of Favor Media for the cd design and publication. such a fast turnaround and amazing quality!

- Bruce Jones - for the amazing artwork and design - and who probably had to make over 1000 edits (sorry!) You rock!

- Eddie and Justy productions - RCA studios - recording and producing

- Steve cropper for the co-production on the vocals to 'Éireann i mo chroí' Your wisdom and your ‘whooooops’ when I got a good note lol! 😂🙌🏼

- The co-writers - Colin Rowe (and for mastering) Patrick McManus and Drac Gibson (who also helped with design and produced ‘Clovers’) - All the session players who made the tracks sound fantastic!



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