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Clare's latest single 'I Love You' is available today (March 25th) on all major platforms

Clare's latest release 'I Love You' is available NOW on all major streaming/download platforms

In Clare's words :

‘We are all fighting to be ourselves in a world that tells us who we should be’.

This song is the very first real love song I’ve ever written. It’s taken 35 years and I do hope it’s been worth the wait!

Most love songs are written for somebody else in mind but this song deals with self love. And not the type of self love that is ego based. It’s coming from a place of finally accepting who you are as a person and getting to a place of contentment, truly loving thyself, the good AND the bad. A work in progress everyday.

I believe every human is subject to going periods in their lives (or maybe their whole life) of not feeling very self worthy. Perhaps it’s a cultural belief that loving yourself is not ok. Maybe you’ve endured abuse, been bullied, been told you’re ‘Big headed’ if you accept a compliment etc (This all rings true for me personally)

But what does loving yourself ACTUALLY mean? Does anybody ever look in the mirror and be fully satisfied with the person that stares back at them? Self love runs deeper than just liking the ‘surface’ self/the physical appearance on the outside. Its about accepting all the inner workings of yourself too. The parts that nobody can actually see, but only YOU can feel.

I fully believe that in order to love somebody ELSE and to give your heart ‘away’ you must first of all love YOURSELF! Accept yourself for all that you are. Don’t ever change the person god made you to be - remember to put your own well being and happiness before another, so that you can serve from a cup half full rather than half empty. Nobody deserves to get a depleted version of you, especially you.

There’s a line in the chorus that reads ‘The greatest love that I’ve learned is the one I now have for myself, it’s the hardest relationship I’ve been through’. Remembering that there’s not a single person on this planet who is going to make you feel ‘whole’.

All the times people get into relationships thinking that somebody else is going to give them what they need when that’s never going to happen in reality! Momentarily, certain people, places, circumstances and even substances, can give you short-term relief from your reality but long term you’ve got to do the real deep self work and look inward and that's not an easy task. That’s where I believe so many people don’t follow through or don’t like to deal with the person they truly are inside and instead stick on a filter and produce a product they would rather portray to the outside world, so as not to deal with the real self. And this is where the danger lies because if we all live showing only the ‘best’ versions of our selves then the stigma of not ‘being ok’ will continue and nobody will admit to how they are truly feeling inside.

I guess I’ll finish this with the premise that I live and breathe by everyday : If you go within, you will never go without ♥️

Love yourself - you owe it to you and everybody around you ♥️



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