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Clare performing at the SWIFT SUMMIT songwriters luncheon - May 20th

The Southern Women in Film & Television Summit (SWIFT) provides a unique forum for unifying the creative objectives of women residing in Southern states via professional advancement, mentorship, and collaboration. The event will assemble luminaries from all areas of the entertainment industry to explore a variety of topics that greatly imp

act women: from human rights and women’s leadership to storytelling across platforms. Three days of inventive programming with inspiring conversations, new ideas, and innovations that are shaping the future for women in all aspects of entertainment and the empowerment of the next generation of emerging creatives

'Swift Summit' in support of women in Songwriters Luncheon is on Friday, May 20th at 1 pm in the International Ballroom of the Millennium Maxwell Hotel.

Justyna Kelley is the event coordinator and The Ming Foundation is sponsoring this event.

The artists performing at the luncheon are Sara Jean Kelley, Kenna, and Clare Cunningham.

Tickets are $20 and available through their website :


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Eric Judovsky
Eric Judovsky
May 15, 2022


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