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From 'Helping Hand':

Releasing July 21st, 2023

A note from Clare :

This is a song for mental health awareness. As a child growing up I was silenced and suppressed from speaking out about certain events I endured. I carried this guilt and shame with me right into adulthood and never spoke openly about my suffering.

Today after doing a lot of self-work and deep healing and reconnecting with my Lord savior, I now use the voice that was given to me as a gift to bring awareness, hope, light, and inspiration to those who need it the most. To those of you who also feel your voice is not worthy enough of being heard or being listened to. This is what true success is to me.

through the language that is music and being able to help whoever I can in this world through my own experiences with trauma, hurt, and pain. God bless ❤️



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