Clare and colin Rowe release their debut single - ‘For The taking’ So it’s been a while since I’ve released any music. There’s a reason for that as I have been working hard in the studio recording and writing lots of new material. ‘For the taking’ is co-written by my amazing friend and co-writer Colin Rowe. He is a pure genius and you can hear his amazing writing and production skills on this track. The recording process for my part was so much fun. Wasn’t entirely planned either and Colin had me record loads of different weird celtic noises and it really came together naturally. We also had a help of a bit of whiskey for the occasion! Hope you guys enjoy the track which was released on Apri

‘For the Taking’ - New single release (April 2019)

Clare Cunningham and Colin rowe release their debut single ‘For the taking’ on April 28th 2019. The pair have been writing and recording a lot of material and this is their first official release together. Available across all major music platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple music, itunes, Pandora and many more. .


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