Clare releases two live sessions ‘Grey Lady’ and ‘Take you back Home’.

Clare spent a day in the Spotify studios in Stockholm, Sweden, where she recorded her two latest singles. ‘I wanted the listener to really feel the emotion behind the tracks so I opted to record them completely live’ claims Clare. Hear them across all major platforms. Go check it out on


Hey guys! So here’s my first blog! All the way from the states:) Hope it finds you all well. Lots has happened already this year and it’s only March. I decided to leave Sweden at the end of last year (2017) and peruse my solo career in the USA. It was a long process but so so worth it. I’m now over here on an artist visa for the next three years writing for the amazing ‘Yellow Productions’. They are a multi media digital agency based on Nantucket Island, producing spectacular films. I am songwriting for them and acting as their music producer. I’m currently in Nashville getting inspired. It’s such a super place full of fantastic music and vibes. My plan is to also drop either another EP or a


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